Unlikely Things to Read on a Health Insurance Form – Mock the Week

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www.bbc.co.uk Chris Addison, Andy Parsons, Hugh Dennis, Zoe Lyons, Marcus Brigstocke and Gary Delaney discuss ‘Unlikely Things to Read on a Health Insurance Form’.

Nothing is so serious that you can’t make jokes about it. Not even health insurance. Watch this video six British comedians now rating what they believe could be read and filled in on a health insurance form.
Which one do you think is the funniest?
Maybe you have your own suggestion? Write in the comments below.

23 Comments to Unlikely Things to Read on a Health Insurance Form – Mock the Week

  1. manutd689908 says:

    The blackout joke was class.

  2. Luke Alexander says:

    he’s laughing

  3. Brian Prosper says:

    Anyone notice the look on Marcus’s face after Chris’s dyslexia joke? Wonder why he mad?

  4. ReeceDogg100 says:

    ChuckleVision. Genius

  5. Kaos77Kisame says:

    I see it more as “Ah, the audience got it. My work here is done.”

  6. MrHeslopian says:

    Yeah, I don’t mind tics, but Delaney’s just feels so conscious and arrogant. Like he’s saying “yeah, that was a great joke I just told”.

  7. Opinionated Aussie says:

    I think it’s great, lots of comedians have little things like that if you look closely enough. Frankie Boyle would always wrinkle his nose after every punchline, for example.

  8. teddykiller17 says:

    can you remember if you have Alzheimers

  9. MrHeslopian says:

    I fucking hate that obnoxious smile and nod Greg Delaney does after every gag.

  10. DezzaManezza154 says:

    I pissed myself at the first one lol!

  11. DezzaManezza154 says:

    Blood / blud, as in chav slang ;)

  12. brynley hill says:

    as chris said that, i noticed this

  13. UnravThreads says:

    Somebody tell Chris Addison that he’s not funny.

  14. cymruisrael says:

    Somebody tell Chris Addison that making jokes about disabilities is unacceptable.

  15. Jake Hepburn says:

    I like Gary’s jokes but the way he nods and acknowledges his own jokes gets on my nerves…

  16. ThatGirlWithTheCards says:

    I can’t usually stand Addison, but I gotta hand it to him, the chucklevision joke was hilarious. 😀

  17. F1gameshowsradio4 says:


  18. 943SG says:

    I don’t like Andy Parsons. He’s smug.

  19. rjmurphyman says:

    I like the way Gary bows after every joke

  20. MsJonasBrosFan69 says:

    1:19 ….. I don’t get it….

  21. daxxkid101 says:

    I found that joke quite funny, I like it when he does dark jokes LOL

  22. daxxkid101 says:

    Lucky bastard!

  23. BlueBlood4Eva says:

    I was there in the audience, t’was a great evening 🙂

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